Taylor Swift made a tremendous record, became the first woman to give the most top chart albums.

Fans like the songs of American pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. Wherever she goes she spreads the magic of her voice.

Recently, Billboard, while talking about the new record of the 33 year old singer, said that Taylor Swift has become the first singer to give the most successful album.

Expressing its happiness, the Billboard Organization also said that this is the first time in the last 60 years that out of 10 songs of any female singer, four songs are in the top chart at the same time.

33-year-old Taylor Swift gives tough competition to Hollywood singer Selena Gomez and the American socialist in terms of Instagram followers. He has a fan list of around 268 million on Instagram.

Let us tell you that till now pop singer Taylor Swift has won 11 Grammy, 23 MM and 29 Billboard, 40 American Music Awards.